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Hawks Effect: One Last Con

Finally. It's available. As E-Book and as a wonderful high quality Paperback in shining colors. I love it.

You may say it's unusual to read about a book from the person who is the protagonist herself. Right. It's unusual. But the book is unusual.

So what is it about? Since I am here writing as a "fictional" character (well, but you never can be sure, right?), I am glad to see my biography at least published. The Authors Rael Wissdorf, Nicholas Hede and Frank J. Williams III have done a real amazing job, to get my story told.

Its a trilogy. No - a quadrology. Or even more?

Hawks Effect is divided in three books - or maybe four, depends on the scale of the saga. But in this very moment we speak about three, and Volume one is titled "Emergence". The title says it, as it is: I am emerging. You will learn what that means.  This volume will now appear as a serial, it's a "serialized" novel. This makes it easier to follow the very volominous drama and gives the publisher also opportunity to present 10 different covers, who are made by the talented Sarah Richter. So this is the first episode:

One Last Con.

It all begins in London. I was worried about my sister Galicia, since she sent me this damned letter. I knew that something's wrong with it, so I headed to brother Abel, who nodded wisely and began to decipher it. I would have never thought about deciphering but I am surely not the nerd of the family. He is. What he found out made me shiver and I quickly planned to rescue Gal. But with no money? No way.

Selling a warehouse...

was always a good way for me to make quick money. But this time there was a surprise. A big one. A VERY big one. You should read the book to learn about the details, I would be stupid to tell you more on this place.

The book is well written. It starts with a prologue, and normally I hate prologues. But this one is like in a James Bond Movie, where you see a lot of thrilling action going on.... some strange devices and a warrior with long white hair, fighting with a "magical" katana. I guess you should learn, that this part of the story takes place in a different world. Thats true. The prologue leaves you with a lot of questions - this is not by chance. The questions will be answered, trust me. But first I have to step in the saga, which is done in Chapter one.

Don't bother me with details...

they will be all in the book. And I let you into my thoughts, which are the italic sentences...well you figure out. And don't forget: this is just the beginning, there is a lot more to come. So I take you on my journey and you will discover marvellous things. Strange worlds, strange people and strange deeds. Follow my way to become a real heroine, more than a wonder woman.

See you in the past!

Genre: SciFi, Urban Fantasy, Epic
Title: Hawks Effect: One Last Con
Authors: Rael Wissdorf, Nicholas Hede, Frank J. Williams III
Publisher: Trivocum Verlag, Nova MD


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